Wall & Keogh, Portobello, Dublin


Wall & Keogh is nestled between bustling  Camden Street and the Hipster-Student haven that is Rathmines, this beautiful tea shop with a difference  is quite often overlooked because of it’s bigger brasher neighbour across the road, The Bernard Shaw. This location has benefits for its customers. Even at 1pm on a Thursday when it seems that every other eatery (good, bad or indifferent) is beating punters off with sticks, Wall & Keogh is a pool of calm, in an ocean of mad chaos. There is plenty of seating to choose form. The ground floor air is thick with the exotic aromatic wonderment seeping from the piles of jars of tea leaves. There is a cute little outside space if you prefer and down in the basement there is comfy seats that boast some interesting pieces of art.


Although their business is predominantly specialty tea, you really really can’t have tea without sandwiches. Tea and Sandwiches are as Irish as complaining about the weather and GAA. Their menu  is small but perfectly formed. Picture above is what yours truly scoffed down. I had walloped down half of it before remembering to take a quick pic. The No. 5, has warm goats cheese, caramelised red peppers, plenty of spinach and there is also the chutney. Which is amazing, but I really can’t describe it without using  a lot of emoticons, so you’re just going to have to try it yourself. I had the sandwich and a sparkling mineral water which came to just over €8. They do supply a jug of tap water to each table and I regretted bothering to get the mineral water because the tap water was iced and had lemon & mint in it and was very tasty.

Side Note: someone just told me that my photos sandwiches all look the same. Must. try. different. filters.



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