The Pepper Pot Cafe, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin


The way I work can best be described as haphazard, this means that when it comes to eating I usually think about it too late and end up with the dregs of the not fancy deli down the road.  But as a lover of all things food I do try and get my act together at least once a week. After various conversations with a fellow foodie colleague, I started to eyeball The Pepper Pot Cafe. I’ve actually tried to get a table here on spec at lunchtime a few times and it has always been jammers. I would recommend a 12 – 12.30 lunch if you want to be guaranteed a table. You can also phone or email in your order and pick up if that suits your needs better. Go and sit in if you can, Saturday mornings are much more doable there’s a relaxed vibe at the weekend.

Their most famous (notorious?) sandwich is their Roast Pear, Bacon & Cheddar (pictured). It has ruined marriages, it has divided nations. It is contentious and I loved it. But not for the reasons that I’d imagined – I was all about the bacon and pear combination. But actually, it was the pear and cheese combination that made this worthwhile. The sweetness of the pear was perfect with the strong flavour of the cheddar. The bacon was substantial, cooked to perfect and rounded off the sandwich wonderfully.

Side note: the white bread was devine, any fresher it would have still been in the oven. Bouncy, crusty, wonderful. The make and bake everything on site, every day.


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