Vintage Cocktail Club, Dublin

Without further ado my first mini review is Vintage Cocktail Club in the heart of Temple Bar.  Myself and C went there mid week, as part of week-long festivities celebrating her Leaving Cert Results (if you don’t know, be thankful) .  The decor is very important to mention.  If you crossed a Victorian Gentleman’s Club with a Prohibition era Speakeasy you’d be on the right track. There is an abundance of velvet coverings, fringed lampshades and beaten metal paneling. It’s all incredibly fancy.

2014-08-13 19.11.16

The cocktails are bloody good. At a pip off €12 they need to be. Between us we tried the Fogcutter, The Zombie, St Germaine Cocktail and the Mary Pickford. The cocktail menu is laid out chronologically. It’s a cute little trick that gives you a sense of time travel. ‘Ohh pre-1800 I wonder what I’d be doing if I was alive then?’ (not drinking cocktails, probably setting a cocktails drinkers fire for them at 4.30 in the morning is what). Presentation – so romantic – Lord Byron would dig this place, (if it wasn’t for the lack of debauchery) – each cocktail has it’s own distinct design and look – whether it’s a vintage champagne glass or a minimal high ball glass. So how to they taste? Yeah, pretty damn good. Everything is fresh and everything is high quality. They are made to a high spec – if it’s a gin cocktail, you know you’re drinking gin. There’s no fake strawberry punching you in the face to mask the fact that there’s hardly any booze in it. Two drinks a piece, we were quite squiffy. That’s my indicator right there.

As for the food we had the Cheese  Board, Meatballs and Fries to share. Cheese was amazing – Cashel Blue, Cooleeney, Hegarty’s Cheddar – there’s enough there to keep any cheese lover interested. But baby, you had me at Cashel Blue. We got plenty extra bread at request at no extra charge. Meatballs and fries were average. The whole lot came to around €70, which is expensive!! This place would be a regular haunt, if it wasn’t for the price tag, so I file it under Posh Stuff for special occasions. The last word goes to the service. Friendly, casual staff who know their stuff. I’d recommend this place for a pre-dinner drinky-poos.



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